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  ACKM was set up in 2001.
The mission of ACKM is to facilitate organizational renewal and build the new business model in the Asian-pacific region. Its objectives are to build a platform of experts, so as to foster the development of Knowledge-based economy and its applications of knowledge management.
Knowledge management is the philosophy, the business model and a set of guiding principles, for the identification and analysis of existing and required knowledge, and the systematic planning and control of actions to develop knowledge assets for competitive advantage.
The major activities of ACKM includes:
Hold seminars and workshops to promote knowledge management strategies and methods;
Promote knowledge management through radio, newspapers, journals and other media;
Organize joint workshops with other professional institutions, such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing;
Deliver seminars to Lion Club, Rotary Club and other public organizations;
  Publish books and journals in knowledge management.
ACKM plans to promote knowledge management activities in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, China and other Asian-Pacific region; encouraging more companies to commit resources for the development of knowledge management.
ACKM Executive Committee consists of Honorary Fellows, Permanent Life President, Honorary President, Honorary Advisor, Academic Advisor, President, Executive President, Vice-President and Directors. The Fellowship Election Scheme is held every other year to elect the Fellowship from a stream of experts and professionals. ACKM welcomes individuals and corporations to join the individual membership, business membership and corporate membership; which do not require any assessment.
Fellowship is a professional designation which offers to anybody who pass the strict assessment criteria. Since different professional institutions have different criteria, the professional awards will not be the same. It should be noted that ACKM Fellowship is different from the Chinese Academy of Science in terms of benefits and requirements. The assessment criteria of ACKM Fellowship are based on management science, which is different from the engineering, social science or other pure science fields.
  Building knowledge networks with other experts and business leaders;
Entitled to use the professional designation FACKM / FACKM(SR) on the name cards and other legal documents;
  Entitled to be listed in our website;
Having the opportunities to be the committee members on the Fellowship Election Scheme;
Having the opportunities to join our professional forums and to be interviewed by media;
Invited to attend the award ceremony of that particular discipline or any appropriate function.
The Fellowship Election Criteria are as follows:
Leadership 20%
Professional Knowledge 20%
Leadership ethics 40%
Leadership achievement 20%
ACKM Fellowship is awarded based on a set of strict criteria and the election committee consists of outstanding leaders in the academic, business and professional fields. Hence, the professional designation is highly respected and recognized by the society at large.
Besides, ACKM Fellowship is recognized by other overseas professional bodies for direct entry as their Fellowship. Many universities and academic institutions recognize the professional awards for the applications towards Honorary Professorship, Honorary Doctorate and Honorary Advisors.
  Up to now, there are about 110 people who have been elected as our Fellowship.
ACKM Fellow members drawn from academic, government, business and various other sectors, are of remarkable standing, including Justice of Peace, members of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, professors and CEOs.
The duties and responsibilities of ACKM Fellowship include:
  Support the development of knowledge management;
  Provide constructive suggestions for the development of ACKM;
  Participate in the activities of ACKM;
  Recommend potential candidates for the Fellowship awards;
  Fulfill the financial obligations.
  Please contact us for further information.
Award recipients will be invited for the award ceremony, but the location, time, date and guest-of-honor of the ceremony will be notified as appropriate.
  The annual subscription fee of ACKM Fellowship is HK$5,000.
Persons who want more information about the Fellowship Election scheme should contact us directly.
  The application procedures will be notified very soon.