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Fellowship Awards
Ten Outstanding Asian Knowledge Leaders Awards
Fellowship Awards
In the wave of globalization, economies of Asian countries are increasingly dependent on each other. Economic relationship between HKSAR, Macau SAR and Mainland China, under the framework of CEPA, has formed a new economic platform for accelerating the flows of material resources, human resources, commodities, capital and knowledge. The economy of China and Asia-Pacific region has developed different modes of structures and scales in terms of co-operations.

“Sharing professional knowledge through convergence of Asian talent” is the mission of Asian College of Knowledge Management. The aim of “Fellowship Assessment Scheme” is to develop a knowledge sharing platform for scholars, entrepreneurs and government officials in Asia and enhancing the economic development of the Asia Pacific Region.

To recognize people who have particular contributions and achievements in the enterprise, industry and society and to establish a knowledge sharing platform for them.

Regions Covered
Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.
The Election Board
Assessment Criteria
Leadership (20%)
Having a leading and influential position in a particular field and an important position in an organization.
Professional Knowledge (20%)
Equipped with professional knowledge, qualification or degree in particular field.
Leadership Ethics (40%)
Committed to charity, environment protection, and social responsibility.
Leadership Achievement (20%)
Achievement or contribution accredited by the industry, professional body or the society.
Applications can be by nomination or self recommendation;
Candidates have to complete the application form and show their willingness with their signature;
Candidates have to summit a self-assessment report according to the assessment criteria, with the supporting documents;
The Election Board will evaluate each candidate according to the above documents;
Formal written notification will be sent to the selected candidates.
Application Requirements
35 years old or above;
Over 10 years of working experience;
Have an important position in commercial, industrial, educational or government sectors;
Achieve 70 points or above in the assessment criteria.
Application Fee
Ten Outstanding Asian Knowledge Leaders Awards
At the heart of the paradigms of knowledge economy, organizations need innovation, continuous learning, co-operation and social responsibility. Hence, today’s leadership model is built on knowledge innovation, cooperation and moral capital.

In order to foster the development of knowledge economy, Asian College of Knowledge Management supports the establishment of the TEN OUTSTANDING ASIAN KNOWLEDGE LEADERS AWARDS, in order to recognize those leaders who have made contributions in knowledge innovation, knowledge transfer, knowledge sharing and knowledge development.
To recognize the achievements of talent scholars, business leaders and professionals in the knowledge contributions;
To foster the development of knowledge economy;
To increase the public awareness of the role of knowledge leadership.
Application Requirements
Applicants are nominated by the members of ACKM and the Award Election Committee shall review all nominees for the recommendations to the Executive Committee.
Election Criteria
Nominees usually have played a leadership role in knowledge innovation, knowledge transfer, knowledge sharing or knowledge development.

To be knowledge leaders, they must take social responsibilities, such as environmental protection, community charity and the code of ethics.