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Corporate - Asian Knowledge Management Awards
At the beginning of the 21st century, Asian countries are at the cross road of knowledge economy. Some traditional management model and practices are becoming irrelevant due to the rapid changes in the business environment, including globalization, internet, telecommunication and technologies. At this critical moment, Asian Knowledge Management Association has set up the ASIAN KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT AWARDS to promote the public awareness of knowledge management.
To invite organizations from different industries to take part in the knowledge management initiatives;
To draw public awareness of the importance of knowledge management;
To recognize the achievement of knowledge-based organizations.
Awards Categories
Outstanding Knowledge Innovation Award
Applicants must demonstrate capabilities in the creation of new knowledge, insights, ideas, technologies, systems, products or processes for creating new market value.
Outstanding Knowledge Marketing Award
Applicants must demonstrate new marketing capabilities by means of new knowledge, insights, ideas or technologies for creating new customer value.
Outstanding Knowledge Service Award
Applicants must demonstrate capabilities in the creation of new knowledge, insights and technologies when providing services to the customers.
Outstanding Brand Marketing Award
Applicants must have a clear brand positioning, and have distinguished performance in brand marketing, in terms of brand awareness and brand association.
Outstanding Knowledge Asset Management Award
Applicants must establish the policy, objectives and system of their organization to protect their knowledge assets from being lost.
Honorary Award
Honorary Awards are for organizations, which have rendered exceptional contributions to the advancement of knowledge management.

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