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Every other year, ACKM offers opportunity to honor talented people who have made exceptional contribution to the community. The Fellowship Award program is intended to recognize the achievements in education, industry, research and service. Nominations are invited by members or the public, and then reviewed by the Election Committee. The Fellowship Award recipients are entitled to designate themselves as “FACKM” on name cards and any legal documents.

The Fellowship Award recipients, drawn from academic, government, business and various other sectors, are of remarkable standing, including Justice of Peace (JP), Members of the National Committees of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Professors and CEOs.
Hon. CHENG Yiu-tong, GBS, JP
Non-Official Member of the Executive Council, HKSAR
Hon. WONG Ting-kwong, SBS
Legislative Council Member, HKSAR
Dr. Hon. Philip WONG Yu-hong, GBS
Legislative Council Member, HKSAR
Hon. Jeffrey LAM Kin-fung, SBS, JP
Legislative Council Member, HKSAR
Mr. TANG Yiu
Chairman, Belle International Holdings Ltd.
Dr. Robin CHAN Yau-hing, GBS, JP
Chairman, Asia Financial Holdings Ltd.
Director, China Merchants Group Ltd.
Datuk David YEAT Sew-chuong
CEO, INS Holdings Bhd
Dr. Ma Kai Cheung, BBS
National Committee Member of C.P.P.C.C